wel come in Nepal 

२/४ गजल शेयर

न त गर्भ न त ब्यायो थारो संबिधान ॥
गुलेलिको तकाइ मात्र तारो संबिधान ॥
भरीए मात्र ठूला भूडी न सबैलाई भो,
छ सय एक़को खाजा र चारो संबिधान ॥
राजेन थुलुङ्ग
विकासको बाढी गाँउमा हुल्न सक्नु पर्छ ॥
फिका मनमा रंगबनी घुल्न सक्नु पर्छ ॥
गमलामा उन्यू पनि फूल जस्तो लाग्छ,
पराग छर्दै काँडाबीच फुल्न सक्नु पर्छ ॥

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October 19, 2010

Dashain Celebration in China of Nepalies

2010 Oct. 17 Anil Suvedi, Om Prakash Adhakari

Medical students in China Three Gorges University, Yichang Hubei China along with Chinese and foreign students celebrated the greatest Hindu festival Dashain by receiving tika and blessings from elders and teachers. The program organized by CTGU Foreign Students’ Volunteer Group involved all the students from Nepal, India, Maldives and China. The program became more interesting when the Chinese students and non-Hindu students from other countries joined and received the tika and blessings from the Nepalese teachers teaching in China Three Gorges University.
Although we are in foreign land, we have the responsibility of preserving our culture and tradition; we enjoy sharing our culture, said the president of the volunteer group. The teachers appreciated the work and Chinese friends were very happy by knowing the culture and social practice of foreigners.

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